Day in the Life of a Campus Minister -- Sunday

As promised, here are three video logs that introduce you to my typical Sunday. Tomorrow is Monday. Enjoy!


Playing Catch Up

The last month has been a really productive time of ministry for me.  The Christmas break creates a space for Impact as an organization to get together and move and breathe as a team -- something we don't usually get to enjoy firsthand.  So last weekend I got to attend the Impact Campus Ministries All-Staff Conference in Dallas, TX.  We had a great time brainstorming together; even talking about details like policy and procedures or expense reports seemed to be time spent well.  We also got to dream together and deepen our friendships.

And here's a video that tells you what I hope to be up to here on the blog next week!

Keep praying for our students.  Christmas break is always a hiccup in the momentum you spend all semester building.  Students try to wrestle with new schedules, professors, and responsibilities.  It's always a challenge to try to flex with the change, encourage your students, and absorb some of the initial shock of ramping back up again.