Back from Boise!

We are back from our most recent trip to Boise and we had a great and productive time.  Our support still hovers around 82-83%, but we had many encouraging meetings with many of our Boise contacts during the last few weeks.  We've met with all but three families that we intended to reach on this last and final trip to Boise in 2011.

We also had the opportunity to catch up with some of those families who have already been supporting us and touch base with them as well.  It was a very productive trip and God continues to show up in the most unique and encouraging places. 

We are home for only a couple days and then we take off to head to Montana, then Iowa, Minnesota, a couple days with the team in Moscow and then we move.  We did have some awesome news that came to pass the last few weeks that is a true answer to prayer.  I will be sharing more about some new exciting developments later, but one great answer to prayer is that there has been a very generous family Moscow that has offered our family the three-bedroom upstairs to a house in Moscow.  What a blessing so that we don't have to commute from Montana! 

So, we continue to pray with great fervor for our house to sell -- join us!