December 7, 2017

Another year has flown by for all of us! We had a great year as a family and wanted to update you all on what’s been happening as we always do this time of year.

JANUARY — Becky started working at a local gymnasium and has really enjoyed the fitness community that she is involved with. Not only is she getting healthier and healthier physically every day, but she is enjoying a new hobby that is giving her new life! Abigail also picked up a new hobby and started playing the violin. Lessons have been hard, but she excels and makes beautiful music!

FEBRUARY — In between all of Marty’s business trips, we had some visitors from California. Jim and Sandy Feicht came to visit us and it was one of our February highlights!

MARCH — Becky got away for some much-needed friend time and the kids got to see Nana and Papa. We also had a fantastic Purim celebration with friends and students. It will definitely go down as one of our favorites!

APRIL — We welcomed another nephew into the family as Becky’s brother, Marc, and his wife, Kaila, had baby Archer. We also had a whole bunch of Passover meals to celebrate!

JUNE — On top of the usual events of the season (weddings!), Marty was able to take Becky to New York before one of his business trips for her birthday. This has always been on her bucket list and we got to do many great and fun things in Manhattan. We enjoyed riding the ferry, hopping in a carriage through Central Park, catching a show (Wicked!) on Broadway, and eating great food. Becky got to swing by her brother’s place in Chicago on her way home and Marty continued on to his annual conference.

JULY — This month was a blur! We tried to cram all of our fundraising into these few weeks between multiple trips for Marty back East.

AUGUST — Becky’s physical growth continues as she ran in her first race ever! She was part of a team of 12 girls that ran the annual Sandpoint-to-Spokane relay — 200 miles! They had a great time. Marty got to do some scouting in Turkey and found some incredible material to teach on for the future. He got back and we had a chance to do some of our annual camping before school started.

SEPTEMBER — Kids started school; Abby is in 3rd grade and Zeke is in 1st. Because of all of their hard work reading last year, they had received some free tickets to Silverwood Amusement Park and got to spend the day there.

OCTOBER — This was the month of Cub Scouts. This new venture for Ezekiel has been fun for the whole family and we love the things that it’s teaching Zeke. He absolutely loves the ability to progress through challenges and receive rewards for his hard work. Abby also likes to attend and is looking forward to the new additions of “sister dens” next year. Marty also bagged his deer for the year.

NOVEMBER — Marty went on a two-week trip to the International Conference on Missions (ICOM). He got to meet with a few of his Impact teams and get a lot of work done. Once he got home, we all went down to Twin Falls for Thanksgiving and enjoyed our time together with family.

DECEMBER — We are gearing up not only for the holidays, but also for a surprise birthday trip for Abigail. We have some time to join Marty in California for his next business trip and are looking forward to doing some fun family things and possibly even visiting the “Magical Kingdom.”

Our family wishes your family an incredible Christmas and a wonderful turn of the year. May your Advent season be full of anticipating the arrival of the Christ-child!