November 28, 2016

It’s been a crazy year of transition and growth for us as a family. We spent some great time together intentionally to take care of our marriage and family. It was refreshing! Here’s our annual update of all the places we’ve been and things that God has done in 2016.

JANUARY — Becky and I celebrated 12 years of marriage and went with some of our closest friends to a lodge in the mountains. Beautiful setting, beautiful wife, and tons of fun!

FEBRUARY — We spent some more quality time with close friends for a Valentine’s Day getaway. This was also the month that Becky’s grandmother passed away.

MARCH — Becky, Abby, and Zeke got to travel to Boise to visit family, while my parents were incredibly generous and gave our family their gently used vehicle — a huge blessing to our situation as a family! My parents made their annual trip up to the Palouse for Resurrection Weekend and I got to put on multiple Passover/Seder meals locally through our ministry. We had over 400 people attend the Seder this spring.

APRIL — One of the craziest months of the year, we visited a student’s family in Kalispell, MT for an unexpected death and funeral. Ezekiel got involved in what’s called “Ninja Zone,” a young boys gymnastics class; he seemed to enjoy this more than soccer. It was also later in this month that I received the new role to work as President of ICM.

JUNE — We headed to Twin Falls for our annual appreciation dinner and usual support raising efforts. Zeke celebrated his 6th birthday with a Star Wars themed party. He still hasn’t grown out of his “Star Wars phase” and it seems to be here to stay for a while. This is something that makes his dad quite happy.

JULY — Becky’s dad celebrated his 60th birthday and her whole family got together in Boise to party. Becky also got to travel with me on one of my first business trips to the North American Christian Convention (NACC) in southern California.

AUGUST — We had our second BEMA Trip and had 32 students join us for three weeks in Israel and Turkey; the trip went incredibly well. We also got one last camping trip in before the school year started.

SEPTEMBER — The kids went back to school with Abigail in the second grade and Ezekiel in all-day Kindergarten. Becky was nervous, but Zeke is really growing socially and Abigail loves her teacher, Mrs. Bell. She likes to tell everyone that “Mrs. Bell rings bells to get everyone’s attention.”

OCTOBER — This was a busy month as well. The family got to attend two football games and enjoyed travelling down to Twin Falls for our most successful Dutch-Oven Cookout ever. We followed that up with a family vacation to Moab, UT at a great cabin. This is also the month for Solomon hunting and I shot a small buck. Zeke was along for the ride and that was an awesome experience. The end of October was the time for another business trip to South Bend and Michigan; the trip was really productive and the family even got to visit Nana and Papa while I was gone.

NOVEMBER — I caught my breath and left for another business trip to Tampa and a conference in Lexington. We enjoyed a Thanksgiving vacation in Twin Falls and look forward to…

DECEMBER — …where I’ll be travelling to do some assessment for potential staff members  with ICM in Missoula. We plan on having an extended Christmas in Libby, MT before work comes calling for the All-Staff Conference in January!

We hope that your year has been as healthy and meaningful as ours has been!